Move Better. My primary goal as a chiropractor and physical medicine doctor when working with patients is to help them move better. When you’re painful, you do not move the same as when you feel good. When people hurt, they tend to guard against pain by changing movement patterns, protecting the painful area by keeping it from moving. We know that when a person does not move, their joints and muscles become deconditioned. Utilizing joint manipulation, soft tissue therapy and corrective exercises my first goal is to get patients moving better. To move better is to improve the range of movement, the quality of movement, and the coordination of movement between body regions and parts. Once you move better, you feel better.

Feel Better. Moving better and feeling better reinforce each other. When a person moves better, they feel better and when they feel better, they move better. Science exploring joints, muscles, nerves and the brain tells us that when the human body can move there will be less pain and a greater sense of ease. When you can bend, twist, and reach you feel better not just physically but also mentally. To feel better is to be able to participate in daily activities, work and play, with less pain. Feeling better is itself an indication that you are healing, when moving better and feeling better leads to healing better, you can’t help but win.

Heal Better. This completes the wining trifecta: when you are moving and feeling better, you heal better. Healing is the process of recovery from an unbalanced or damaged state. To heal better is to heal at an improved or faster rate than you would otherwise. I haven’t treated a patient yet who didn’t want to return to their normal activities as quickly as possible. By getting you moving & feeling better with chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy and individualized corrective exercise, your body can heal better and you can return to living your life with all your normal activities faster.

Hopefully I’ve come up with a tagline that’s a winning trifecta for all. At Back-In-Action Chiropractic, our goal is for you to move better, feel better, heal better!

The entire team at Back-In-Action Chiropractic is focused on helping you to move better, feel better, and heal better.
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