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“Before coming across Dr. Bakken, I had seen 5 different chiropractors across my life mainly due to severe neck pain. Without a doubt I can say that Dr. Bakken is a far superior chiropractor to all of them! Before seeing Dr. Bakken I would have to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis, and I had to go back so soon due to the amount of constant pain and stiffness in my neck and traps. After switching to Dr. Bakken the pain and stiffness in my neck has went down significantly, and I have been basically pain free since December of 2018! In addition to fixing my neck, Dr. Bakken has helped reduce the amount of pain and tightness in my hips and quads from Powerlifting by doing deep tissue work during my visits. His detailed and thorough treatment has not only improved my quality of life significantly, but also helped me in Powerlifting, and I accredit much of my improved quality of training, PR’s, and my 5th place finish at USA Powerlifting’s Collegiate Nationals to Dr. Bakken! My body has never felt better than I do right now, and I cannot thank Dr. Bakken enough for that!”

– Kaleb

“I wanted to thank you for making my trip to Italy wonderful. About 5 weeks before going to Italy my right knee started acting up and it hurt when I went down a staircase. I was getting very concerned because we had a trip planned with lots of walking and touring. My daughter-in-law suggested I see her chiropractor for relief. I have seen chiropractors for years and didn’t believe this would be something that they could help with. So, 3 weeks before the trip I started coming to Back-In-Action for treatment on my knee. You determined it was my IT band and started working my knee and leg. At times, I thought you were having too much pleasure inflicting pain (just kidding) but I knew you were helping me. Also, it didn’t just end there, the exercises to help me to continue this process at home were great.

So now, back from 11 days in Italy and had a phenomenal time thanks to your team at Back-In-Action. I was able to walk miles and miles every day and up and down cobblestone streets and stairs, lots of stairs. I would not have been able to do this had I not come in and started the process of healing.

I have raised my expectations of the chiropractor experience after coming into Back In Action, and am glad I found you. My sincere thanks and Ciao.”

– Sue

“When I started with Dr. Bakken, my lower back was in bad shape due to complications with a surgery. I had gone to three medical Drs. and three chiropractors who could offer me no relief.

A friend suggested I try going to Dr. Bakken. Since my first meeting with him, he has been very kind and very thorough with his questions in getting my medical history. I felt very at ease and comfortable with him.

Dr. Bakken has helped me a great deal. Not only did he relieve me of the problems I was having at that time, but also he has taught me how to care for my body in a better way through better nutrition and exercise. His staff demonstrates and assigns exercises to do at home that will help strengthen the supporting muscles around my problem area.

I would go nowhere else for my care. I trust him, and I am very comfortable with his staff as well.”

“Dr. Bakken is the best chiropractor ever! I can tell you he has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but it is true. Chiropractic medicine is the real deal. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to pursue seeing a chiropractor in general, when I was 59, and I was lucky enough to have had Dr. Bakken recommended to me.

I have been seeing Dr. Bakken for 4 years. He is able to address any issue I have. He has expansive training and knowledge to do so. I could go into detail as to the changes in my life since regularly visiting Dr. Andy, but words aren’t going to do it. You better get over there, and find out for yourself!

La Crosse, WI, our loss is your gain! Fortunately, I have the flexibility in my life to be able to drive three and a half hours once a month to keep my monthly maintenance appointments with him! See you there!”

– Jane D.

“I have been suffering from sciatic pain for last 10 years. I have visited multiple doctors, and investigated many other types of treatment over the years with no relief or answers to what caused my intense pain.

Dr. Bakken and his staff at Back in Action quickly diagnosed the cause of my pain and put an action plan together immediately to help me relive the pain I have experienced for 10 years.

After a couple of visits I noticed a huge reduction in pain. I can’t remember the last time I felt this great. Dr. Bakken’s staff is excellent to work with and I highly recommend you visit them for any of your needs. I am a customer for life!”

– Ted

“Dr. Bakken is one of – if not the finest – chiropractors I have ever had association with! At 57, being overtly driven to still train, coach, and compete, with a convoluted history of trial and error, success, and some extreme injuries – I am blessed to have Dr. Bakken in my corner having my back to not only heal, but overcome the things that motivate and challenge me.

I absolutely trust Dr. Bakken with myself, my athletes, friends and family. His strength is identifying the root & source of the ailments, then proactively treating them. Along the way – communicating, guiding, educating the patient on the what, where, and how the treatment and goal is transgressing and progressing. Key assertion with Dr. Bakken is goals; what do you want? Dr. Bakken certainly has all the qualifications, most importantly, the intangible – he cares!

My history, especially complicated, Dr. Bakken never implied I could not – he kept incrementally raising the bar for me to raise myself to! Thanks is an understatement, Dr. Bakken is the real deal! For me and mine, none better!”

– Steve Zahn – Science teacher; Coach of Powerlifting, Track, Adaptive Sports, State Championships, National Championships; International Coach – USAPL

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